Friday, 21 October 2016

Flight DLO

Haunted House

It was a cold windy night in the City where darkness filled the streets, barely anyone outside.

One night, 3 friends wanted to go camping, so they went camping in the woods. Luke, James and Taylor were camping near a Haunted House, which they didn’t know.
They went on a walk around with their bags in the woods to find a place where they could stay at. In the middle of the woods. They thought that this was a perfect place to stay in.

James went up to the door and knocked three times while Jack and Taylor were standing at the back of him. It opened by itself, and Luke said “ Hello, is anyone here?” They all entered. All of a sudden, the door closed. They tried to open it, but they couldn’t. They all became scared, but luckily, Taylor came with a flashlight. Taylor was the only one that was not scared of the dark. There was finally light, and everything looked creepy. Blood was everywhere, and spiders crawled on the floor. They then split up to look for things that could be useful.
Luke and Jack went upstairs, where they saw a casket in a room. Jack went up to the casket and opened it.  A Vampire with poisonous teeth shockingly rose up and bit Jack in the arm.Jack nearly died.But luckily Luke found a first aid kit and neutralised the poison.Luke ran and closed the casket and took Jack downstairs. They both got downstairs, where Taylor was nowhere to be seen. They walked around to try and find him, but not a single sight of him.  They went in the living room and saw a zombie on the couch. There was blood everywhere. The TV was on.They went passed the zombie and went into the room where Taylor was at. A creepy lady was doing something to Taylor so Jack went to the kitchen and got a frying pan and whacked the lady in the head. Then they got taylor and took their bags and went home. They never return to the haunted house again.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Emoticon Story

LI: to infer information about characters in a text

On Tuesday we read a book called Oops we looked for all of the words that we didn't know and list them.After reading the story we made a DLO and we had to find one emoticon and we recorded a news interview.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Strategy Place Mat

LI: to choose "the best" strategy to solve the problem
Last Week we made a DLO and had to choose which problem do we want so I choose There were 64 crocodile on the river bank.39 sliped into the water.How many were left on the bank

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Force on an Airplane

LI: to learn about different forces on a plane

Yesterday we had to make a DLO about all of the forces on an airplane.We had to work in groups we did an experiment we made a paper airplane.We went outside and threw it there we were looking which one had a different reaction to the other airplanes.We came inside and see what do we have to change is it the Lift,Weight,Thrust and Drag so we changed the weight we put a paper clip on the paper so we went outside and did the same thing.

Inference Worksheet

                                                               LI: to learn what inferring is.

On Tuesday for reading our group Ruapehu we did inferring on a work sheet.We worked in groups we had to read the story and see what the character might be for example Regan's heart began to race.He could feel it pounding  in his chest.His mouth was dry and his breathing shallow.So Regan is a young boy,His kind,Thoughtful,Shy and Nervous because he was speaking in front of people,School - Hall - After school.