Friday, 11 March 2016

KWL Chart

Today In LS1 Sam Fraidoon and me made a KWL chart on wallabies. Some information wa true and some information was false. For example I thought that wallabies eat meat but actually they eat small plants.

What I know
What I want to learn
What I learned
They are really good at fighting.

They have a little cup pouch for their babies.

There are a lot of kangaroos in Australia.

They can hop high.

They are yellowish and Orangish.

Wallabies are protective for there babies.

They follow their mother around.

Do they hunt for there foods?

I want to learnt how are they good at fighting?

What do they eat to get strong?

What breed are the wallabies?

What kind of food do they eat?

What sorts of food do they eat?

How much water do they drink?

What are wallabies?

Wallabies were introduced to New Zealand over hundred years ago.

They are a threat to farming and native forest because they eat small plants

A new born baby is called a Joey.It is very tiny and weighs less than a gram.

When a joey is newborn it finds it’s way through its mother's fur to her pouch

It stays in her pouch, drinking milk from her nipple, for about eight months

Wallabies cannot be released back into the wild , but they can be kept in a zoo and wildlife parks.

A baby wallaby is called a joey.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Hunted house

   Haunted house
Once upon a time In 1899 there were six teenages their names were Mark, Zack, Jake, Luke, Ben and Sam. It was halloween they went to this weird house, it was in the forest.They went up to the door and saw a note that said “YOU’LL BE NEXT TO DIE”. So Zack knocked on the door three times and the door just opened by itself. When they entered the door shut by itself. Zack and Jake were trying to open it but it was stuck, so they walked into the door. When the door opened they saw ghosts, snakes and spiders, ghosts, monsters and goblins. They ran upstairs and saw this brief case. They went closer to the briefcase. The briefcase opened and they saw a man. The man said “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE”. All of them ran downstairs and went into the room where there were ghosts, snakes and spiders. There was a door that was opened so they ran to that door. When they got in the door Zack, closed the door and the door led to outside. It was spooky and foggy. Ben and Mark were little bit scared so they ran away.

The Problem
Zack, Sam, Jake and Luke were shouting “Ben and Mark where are you guys?”. Ben and Mark were kidnaped by a mummy’s. Zack and Jake said to Sam and Luke to stay here because they might come back. So Zack and Jake went looking for Ben and Mark.The saw this old woman she said “come here children give me a hug” but really she was a monster she ran fast like the wind but Zack and Jake were too fast they went and hind in this temple were Ben and Mark were.

Zack and jake kicking and punching the mummy's. They saw Ben and Mark and were glad to see them when they went back to Sam he was alright.They found an exit so they went through the exit they went home and they never went back to the haunted house.And the hunted house was waiting for the next victim to scare.


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My Prototec

Today I did good on:Groupings within 100,Addition to 20 and1 Multiplication 2,5 and 10.I need to work on my 100s & 1000s,Subtraction to 20 and Division 2,5 and 10.